kabale und liebe

because ticky reminded me of the bicycle scene in the reader,


im not frightened. im not frightened of anything. the more I suffer, the more I’ll love. danger will only increase my love, it will sharpen it, it will give it spice. i’ll be the only angel you need. you will leave life even more beautiful than you entered it. heaven will take you back and look at you and say, ‘only one thing can make a soul/ complete, and that thing is love.’

;intrigue and love, friedrich schiller

p/s id been drinking so much dietcoke that if ever someones to tell me there is no such thing as zero sugar added, or no calories, i will just ram my head into the wall and die


4 Commentaires

  1. ticky

    im so stupid to search for « countryside cycling Germany vintage » photos instead of « The Reader movie » =X NO wonder i couldnt find anything decent =(
    Anyway this quote/scene/David Kross’s voiceover is veeerry nice! ! His accent is so lovely heh he

  2. bo

    hey!I have yet to watch this, but I watched Slumdog Millionaire~Now I am keen to watch this!What if I tell you there is no such thing as non carcinogenic zero sugar drinks??!!All such zero sugar stuff contain aspartame (how do you spell it) the sweeter which is said to have caused cancer/brain damage. Wiki it!Drink smoothie!!!

  3. si

    i know about aspatarme ! hahaha aiya, braincancer nevermind, no calories can already

  4. flum

    BO! i read the slumdog millionaire book! called Q & A or something? spore is so slow the movie is not out. haa the pic serves as a motivation for me to start learning how to cycleeeeeee

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