i have come to accept that i will never be the kind who will sit down and concentrate when she needs to, that i will always be distracted by inconsequential sites surfing the likes of kabuki brushes and dresses despite a pressing need to (have) finish(ed) an essay say, 96 hours ago.

so right now im starting to really sit down and work on the paper PROPERLY because i just want to get it off my chest, and like a virgin is running incessantly within my head and threatening to explode from within my lungs and listening to it IS NOT HELPING. why is it when i finally can sit down and concentrate, i feel like singing !


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  1. nette

    think of ur chiong sisters club! rmb ah, ure gonna chiong for e rest of ur 1.5yrs in sch =D respecttttt.

  2. Yux

    frick. i’ve got an essay due too and i havent even started on any single freaking readings for me. chiongstersisters, yo. i am damn tempted to drop the class so i dun have to do the paper.

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