blackbird, fly

i am so happy glee had turned itself into something more than a silly, silly show with headbopping numbers. when i first started it, eons ago, the epic pilot with the most zesty and two-dimensional characters, i loved it for the mindnumbing feelgoodness: sue sylvester is deliciously evil, the glee members very stereotypical but amazing voices, schuester looks like orlandobloom. then came the crazy wife, the teen pregnancy storyline which sometimes turn painful to watch, and the themed episodes which fall flat even to the most loyal glee fans.

then come the plot-driven episodes which is self-reflexive, surprisingly insightful, and so real. i appreciate the backstories given to the entire cast and i love getting unlikely characters to be regulars. comparing klaine/brittana to brokeback may be excessive for many, but i see them like that. these are relationships which give a voice to the underdogs of society and pay tribute to love as a notion. it is not like they’re forced into the spotlight– glee doesn’t sensationalise or leverage on homosexuality as a trend topic, but explores instead its nuances quite like any other relationship. as well is the attention given to kurt-burt, sue sylvester’s backstory, and artie. i love how they did artie, handi-capable but every bit like the other boy. i hate gushing but this episode lifted me up. its always nice to know that some tv people put thought into their storylines. i feel like the glee writers are right amongst us, scribbling the next episodes based on our judgement and what life really is like. thats a nice feeling 🙂


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