short circuit

dad said the johnsons&johnsons baby cream would make my fungal infection better so we grabbed two bottles after dinner. i just slathered them on and fungi or not, it smells so good i want to roll around in it. like powder and cleanliness, or the white lux bar of soap which makes you squeaky clean. such an amazing alternative to ridiculous 98$ of chloe edts

its 4am and i am not sleeping because 1. period 2. slept the wholeeee day away, carried away by the thrill of an entire work-free week ahead. but now dredged down by the fact that i must finish the minutes i shamefully left undone on friday afternoon, after a/shley left to finish up her christmas shopping. there are also emails undone, a great big desire to job-hop, my dire financial straits, and a miscellaneous heart-bugger

that day i tried out this « my year in 2010 » facebook status app. it is very curious that a great number of my statuses are still very applicable. i still take buses with coins, and i still am very much bothered by my procrastination and people who type way too loudly. i hope this doesnt mean i havent grown this year


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