sometime in my life, when ive earned a comfortable amount of money, i am going to take a year off and be that au pair in france. when i can earn my keep i will earn my right to spend time where i want to, and i look forward to opening my windows to see a clear blue sky every morning, knowing what follows is only a day of listening to people speaking french. that one year off, i am going to see so much and i am going to spend so much time with myself. i will keep in touch with friends and family at night, but in the day its mostly going to be fresh faces and a whole new world. i will spend time being mortified that i cannot speak french well enough, i will spend too long grappling with a language im uncomfortable with, and i will be eager to impress the french family i will be attached to. i hope there will be a lake around, somewhere i can buoy along on a giant float on a humid summer day.

i have great, great plans; i will make sure they materialise


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