turn around, bright eyes

i know i complained about it a fair bit but really right now, cant think of a better way of spending this last day of exams– takeaways and the usual people for fridin, baking and glee. i think i really like assembling cakes (more so than measuring and mixing sometimes). i like spreading the buttercream smooth on the spongeycakes, i like lining the bottom with strips of paper and pulling out and seeing the perfect round edges on the clean aluminium liner

amongst the ambitious to-do list i have here on renewed priority 1. learning how to frost properly and 2. getting fp site and page and logo up

head hurts; going to turn in early. maybe tomorrow i’ll finally feel like school has REALLY ended. no more higher institution, no more degrees NO MORE NO MORE. finally an adult. until then i will kxll and tumblr until i fall asleep. goodnight !x


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  1. fel

    gasp u do kxll too?? how come xiao s still so slim despite giving birth twice. one of the mysteries that i’ll nv solve

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