the scene is dead

these things never happen, but for the sake of keeping the light at the end of the tunnel during this laden week, heres a list of to-do’s in newyear/recess (boo, NUS) week:

/by yux’s fervent recommendation, brightstar on hdopenv. also wild things, time traveler’s wife, grey gardens, ingluorious, mrfox, and crybaby which i still havent gotten down to watching, and the delicious handful of vcds i accumulated over the termbreak

/fnl and bbt !

/loads of baking and sorting out the fudge sponge cake zz, and other domesticities like hankerchief-sewing. im so stoked i got those cute lace things from daiso and i cant wait to sew on every single one of them 😀


/organise my itunes hahhahahaha

im feeding on oolongtea and being very hungryy. schools starting in afew hours and im still figuring labour movements in china sighhh why is this sem so much more vomit-inducing than the last

la roux looks like a frog


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