sh!t faced, fumbling in a dark place

/honestly, i may not even care what gives anymore. funny how i can be hung up one moment, and just weirded out the next. this sorely lacks context and actuality- like suspension in a time-freeze jelly which is starting to turn foul-smelling

/had a blast with nette out today- chicken wings and mushroom soup mmhm yummy for the tummy, esp in the crazy and unnecessary rain. remembered how su, chongs and i got our lenses together at chongs’  uncle’s shop and i secretly never learned how to remove lenses until one day i just- got it. after the 45th time of pinching my pupils and nearly going blind

/article worth a read for the antm/projectrunway whores amongst us

/i would like some toasty marshmallows now

/outgrowing people is scary

/i miss summer and the later half of 2008. read: cant believe its gonna be 2010 soon and im still quite very much the same as i had been when it was 2008-going-2009. deeeeeeeeee- wait for it- pressing


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  1. 2010 will be lengen-holdit-dary.

    i’ve neglect my camera. i’m going to pluck fresh flowers for it and sincerely apologize because i was spending too much time with the computer.

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