please and thank you

jook last night was naaaise, minus some seekritz and mishapz, like not getting my badromance, and really weird lousy music at phuture zz (read: NOT ENOUGH LDGG). despite alllll, wednesday night got me really stoked for bangkok – like a prelude to the drunken fun we’re going to have in a few hours time. im 4 hours away from waking up and starting the treacherous journey to the east; stomach all wacked cos of two glasses of greentea, hearts all weird from this week of glee, back-of-the-head packing worries etc etc. i never thought its a good idea to go into something with expectations but this time i cannot help it. maybe because IM FINALLY GETTING OUT OF SINGAPORE, like since paris, and you cannot imagine my determination to have fun. lets hope it turns out well

hokayy off for the weekend, TAKE CARE GOOD PEOPLE♥♥


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