i cannot sign into msn through my laptop. im sorry im kicking up such a fuss about it, complained to no less than 4 people in a row, and un/resinstalled the windows live twice (impressive, considering its 1am), and still, NADA. KAPUT. i normally wouldnt be so bothered but right now very convinced its a twisted bit of karma a la mlia. that sounds like a pasta dish. it is trivialising my woes

sunday saw to the last of my tuition in 2009, and minus my incessant whining during the last few weeks i must say even its only been what, 2 days ?, i miss making money already. i am resisting getting new assignments, because i am trying to get used to having nothing on afterschool, the liberty of having a long dinner and pipes rendezvous without thinking in thirty minutes i must be at btmerah or jurongeast. its nice to get the little prepubescent pests out of my life. i hope the exams went well for them

letters from the crushed breaks my heart ):

i want to do a camera day. bring my jellycam and lx3 for a walk in the woods, in the sun. i want to roll around in the grass and smell like sticky sweet sweat. i want to study my ass off for the last few weeks. i want to dance. i need a little noise around. i want pretty tumblr photos to come to life. i want my fancygems to never run out

i thought this would be a great love story, if only, and maybe i did fall in love with her a little bit. anyhow i couldnt stop studying her face. the girl with dark hair and a secret. i wished she could fly.

; zach vandezande


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