phale stale


phale punctuality is PHALE. so assignments are supposed to be in every week thursday at 1pm and .. most of mine arent. this sem is how to pass one. within an hour still okay right. in my own defense, the absurb 1359h is REALLY, cannot upload cos 20mb of 30 mins of interview ha ha. the rest just took abit longer than i expected, but haiya. ten minutes. should i drop an email to bother saying is cos every thursday i got class until 1300h thats why must rush to complab to submit- BUT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE cos we got one whole week to do it, yo

phale punctuality is phale. assignment cannot cab one, not like running late for lunches with friends hahaha


4 Commentaires

  1. vicky

    hahah nice ;D at least its still a 1 in front lol

  2. vicky

    i mean for all the timings

  3. mag

    u cannot say u got class till 1 cus the rest were all uploaded during the time u were sposed to be in class.. haha.


  4. Yux

    hahahhaha, omg mag very smart- see through our loophole. but this is seriously the funniest fml-kinda post ever.

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