no white skies or red sunlight

if i was a boy at sea
i would be swinging from a broken tree


i would be down on my back looking up at stars at night


and if i could get back to reach to reach the saltiest of evergreens



you know that i would turn back just to fight the whites of iron eyes


when i hear that wind and i think of Spring
underneath an open window a carved out sign and
often i would fight with my mind


saltwater brine where you hung your crown


when you washed your eyes in last nights tea
i thought you might come out from the dream to find that



underneath the pine grew a patch of thyme
that i burned for six days in the sun
til i heard the distant sound of drums

; swing tree, discovery

an amazing ear worm


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  1. Yux

    this post so pwetty, i likey:) send me this song!

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