going somewhere soon

today, no matter what it takes,
we ride home together


call it end-summer blues, but despite the 8am lecture and eyes so tired theyre burning holes into my brain, i cant make myself switch off the lights and go to bed. positively suicidal considering the long day i have ahead, ending with dinner at chongs’ afterwards, but quite simply, I DO NOT WANT SCHOOL TO START. not because i hate school, but because omg this summer the inertia is overwhelming. plus today ended with a kickass Shabby Princess Pre-Birthday Picnic at the gardens. happy 21st pellie, may your wisdom teeth damages heal overnight and you be able to masticate again. to the 28th, though oft-times we felt alot fragmented, but i am glad we lasted♥ this, despite varying commitments and characters, means so much to me, so thank you

and you, stay strong. it has to be okay


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  1. eillep

    siiiii thankyouuu still, for monday’s surprise castle dream, must have made you rushed ard alot hehh. ARE YOU OKAY !

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