le cool, 2

today i stayed in my dads room the whole day. woke up at 12noon, had my oatcrunchies with soymilk. then cokelight. subsequently i had more cokelight, moved the icelemontea from the freezer to the fridge, attempted thrice to upload the picnic photos and failed thrice. watched the news and listened to asian professors analyse the urumqi situation. changed wordpress layout, had bread with chicken mayo (resourcefully made by the starving brother last evening). listened to yahoo launchcast radio. did laundry, hung all the clothes, put them out to dry, forgot about them and just took them in five minutes ago. the sun is already gone, i looked down the block from the window and unit 12-100 surely had the last three bamboo poles; win. vacuuming and mopping the floor was on the agenda too but it is already 9pm would it be obnoxious to use the vacuum cleaner now ?

when the sun came out i closed the windows and switched on the aircon, 24degc. and because the room had no curtains i pegged mickeymouse bedsheet up on the windowgrills. because there is a conjoining bathroom as well i literally didnt have to leave the room

i think my dad will flip when he realised i ate on his bed


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