the usual juicys from allover the place !

lately its been alot of virtual engagements hahahaha like sims 3 and lfd. the former sadly it seems my interest of which may be rapidly waning because it is TERRIBLY impossible to collect 13 perfect fishes without exhausting your attentionspan. howthehell does the brother manage to sit through four days of intense, incessant sims3 looking for his live plant and death fish (death plant and live fish ??) en route perfecting his ambrosia recipe confounds me. seems the urban myth of males having a higher threshold and capacity for computer games may not be just to scare potential highscore-busting females out of their ego-charged arenas. and the latter; for almost 5 days i had not heard the boomer belch or « reloading »/ »pipebombs over here ! ». hahahaha just means that its impossible to sustain a lifestyle comprising of sims AND lfd, because brain will explode and death due to panadol overdose IS VERY POSSIBLE. i have said this a dozen times over to a dozen over people, but this summer is banal and unproductive to the point of mind-numbing enjoyment

alot of people had come and gone this summer, this not meaning theyre migrating overseas or even going for exchange/immersion, but short summer trips to nearby countries, and i can only say i envious UNTIL DIE. be it hongkong vacations or ocip trips theyre bound to come back with extensive travelogues of awesomeness which made the wanderlust in me want to claw her way out, a bloody mess. kills me the way im dying to listen to their anecdotes, yet get so jealous when i hear them. this summer i hope i can manage a short trip, but that none of the companies i applied for seemed to acknowledge my piteous existence i think im a 100% homebody summer09 zz

that aside, to-do list ! because a girl can only be purposeless for so long: 1. sign up for french lessons at alliance by end of this week 2. RUN RUN RUN ! SWIM SWIM SWIM ! 3. bake and read

sweet dreams are made of these♥


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