oh hai karev, cutest groom ever. byebye brunei boy, youve been displaced.


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  1. vicky

    hahaha really 😉
    anyway i died when karev said his wedding vows it was like OHMYGOD. Anyway even though izzie stevens is soo tall, hes still gets to look at her in the eye! double plus plus!! 😀

  2. chongs

    I’m sorry I must be missing something but the karev hotness just didn’t speak to me this season like it did every last one- he’s been replaced by the Plastics guy hahahaha I’m at that stage where non-committed guys suddenly being committed but still having commitment issues is So Hot and how prettyyy is chyler

  3. chongs

    and not like this matters but did you know that justin chambers has been married to a black woman for close to 15 years and they have five kids? FIVE?? and his wife isn’t even in the industry. I was very impressed. but chyler also already has three kids and she’s barely 27 so she still wins. hahahaha

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