WHAT KIND OF SHOW, WHAT. wasted three nights to finish because these kind of shows 1 episode 1 hour but very little content so must watch 5 episodes in one night if not cannot sleep. then ending like shit acting like shit; at the end of show not satisfied and finale is inconclusive with cheesy monologue OMG HOW CAN HIGH VIEWERSHIPPPP. taiwan teen dramas have a way of sucking you in and spitting you out, a wad of braindead glassy-eyed turd zz. not that breathing a brainless drama is not enjoyable, but VERY DISAPPOINTING): Brunei Boy is (quite) cute har har haiya, knees went weak and can be quite sweet but haiya SHOW MAKETH NO SENSE. brain is unable to reconcile, and ive also lost considerable respect for self because after thinking zacharyquinto is hot i am now adding Brunei Boy to the hall of fame  /guilty

): kbye


3 Commentaires

  1. vicky

    its ok i still love you ahahaa
    was wondering what on earth Brunei Boy wass

  2. chongs

    what kinda show is that (imagine my contemptous look)
    hahahaha the guy on the left totally looks like chris (eu)
    random. missyouuuuuuuuuuu

  3. si

    i never mock your dog shows you come and mock my brunei boy, you good

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