je ne sais quoi

i had things to write about, but mainly the emo afternoon and how i slept it all away (yes, sleep is life’s answer). but anyhow its all zacharyquinto, zacharyquinto and more zacharyquinto in my head right now. its weirddd how sometimes i think hes so hot and then others i want to ram my head into the wall thinking so, though really im pretty certain the proportions of which are 89%-11%, so, SPOCK FTW anyway tyvm♥♥

i cannot believe this semester is all over, minus the moment of revelation on may29. six modules, countless rooftop breaks and ytf/burgerking/subway lunches all now to be conceived only in past tense. this semester i am very glad i found myself in philo in film because it is such a welcomed difference from all the other modules im taking (goodbye statistics, FOR GOOD) and even that horrid last few hours of cramming due to smugness+lazyness that last weekend didnt make me regret anything. when i start working i believe i will miss studying because i am learning so much; i could soak myself in the syllabus prepared by the lecturers, with wikipedia and googlescholar right by my fingertips for whenever im ready for moarrr

its been hardly a week since the end of exams and im dying to do something already. summer this time is an overwhelming bite of banality and i feel like everyday i go out wanting to be substantial but its not really helping because i mostly go home at night feeling only empty and broke. which only means i need to 1. get a job 2. get some lessons or 3. get both. hanging around and watching movies can only get you this far during the holidays


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