astral days

i got carried away at, you can tell. minus the tacky title this blog has the best collection of wedding photos. i would like to get married NOWNOWNOWW, these photos are awesomezz, see the first set, parisian and laceyumbrellas all, with the best bridesmaids’ outfits everrr. even christinayang would concur. the last set is darling too; i may have a thing for umbrellas. see that cute frill dress and nude shoes and candycoloured background zz and the girl can antm at least the first 6 episodes, fo sho. i would continue going crazy on wedding photos but 1. eyes are burning from 2 hours of blitzing and 2. MAY JEOPARDIZE SELF):

ohh and, lee pace is going to be in a single man, together with hotshots like colin firth, julianne moore and ginnifer goodwin. YAY for ned whos finally getting some new work, in dapper tweedsuits a la mad men somemore. will not miss it FOR THE WORLD, heart is pounding just thinking about it

now with head full of happythings, goodnight frealz♥


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