evident utensil

examperiod means truckloads of trashymusic, 30 seconds from mars, michaeljackson, augustana, britneyspears. it also means theres no such thing as 24 hours governing a day anymore; time is defined by the exam timetable (any other time beside that, minus shuttling back and forth school, is sleeping, eating, blitzing, watching my hongkongshow, msn-ing, studyingstudyingstudying, fretting). the curtains get drawn and its very hard to know what time it is, particularly since my laptop is still set to paris time, because MY HEART IS STLL BEATING THERE

whatever, i am stoked about post-exams. hello french lessons, endless movie nights, hopefully income if i manage to get myself employed. all the best, world♥

p/s i am digging my new layout, it is very neat, and the geekfreak in me loves how twitter is a cheap substitute for lazy blogging


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  1. Yux

    babe, this new layout’s not bad. me likey:D you’ve got twitter too??? i dunch know whats up with the twitter hype lately. must be ashton kutcher’s fault for making twittering cool.

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