l’histoire de ma vie



bernie took on chinatown on friday and swept through like a flower-hunting tornado. am very happy with purchases and many are sitting around my room now- i dont know what to do about the cloth and the saucer will probably end up a soysauce-holder in my kitchen. this flower frenzy is definitely fierceee; all that i can think of these days are What to put in my room and Where to put them, then poring over lifestyle blogs oggling over the sweetest rooms all over the world. i am therefore acting like my finals are over and that is very worrying. speaking of which, fear of the impending exams (a vicious cycle if you think about it, the more flower-hunting i do the less i have time for revision the more i get scared) had pushed me to binge-eating and i am very worried that at the end of it all i will be a 110kg tub of lard with no career prospects on her rockingchair in her flowery room

i promise today marks the end of binge-eating, because i really need to treat myself alittle better

sidenote, need this in my room:

via urbanoutfitters


2 Commentaires

  1. mag

    whose skirt is that? very cute!

  2. si

    su’s ! hahaha vcute horh, i also say

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