curiouser and curiouser

carbonated redbull and i need chocolates. the maid-looking girl is the si-looking girl. midnight sartre and meno, virtues and virtuosity. suicides – anomic, egoistic, altruistic, fatalistic. macnuggets students meal, an additional pack of fries. mechanical solidarity. icedmilo, hotcakes maplesyrup and butter, because sharing makes food tastes better. « you numbed me like a stingray. » de-differentiation of gendered division of labour. 25$ midnight cabfare and 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep vs. free transport and 4.5 hours of compromised sleep. explosive orange-flavoured listerine. glowing stars, aircon light and back-up light. mishaps in europe. are you there? -yea. do you want to sleep? doyouwanttosleep? doyouwanttosleep? are you there? -i said yea. hyundai getz. lexus is not toyota. the soccer mum’s car.

(i am running on adrenaline.) so, studying could be sweet♥


5 Commentaires

  1. vicky

    i am confused.
    but anyhow remember the pact! while studying haha yes its difficult.
    and im not proud to say that im depressed and im eating chocolates =(

  2. bo

    I am depressed too. I’ve been experiencing diminishing marginal productivity and I’m soooo tired. Don’t eat lah, I’m too tired to munch on things. Do exercise everyday, just 20 pushups and 20 situps a day, run for a while if you have time. But right now I’m drop-dead-tired.

  3. flum

    diminishing returns has set in for me too!!!
    den feel bad and whine den next day feel shitty & bad again. zzzzzz. vicious cycle

  4. si

    lets quit school
    the world will be a much more beautiful place

  5. mag


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