will never get sick of yongqi and xiaoyanzi zz. this is probably the most watched disc in the whole of my glorious collection, will actually smile to self when i watch. the dialogue the PEOPLE (like the awesome way qianlong swaggers into shufangzhai literally booming) .. definitely a case of its so bad its good. and in this case IT IS SO GOOD 

AIYA YONGQI. so many other gush-worthy guy characters after so long (since sec1 !), most cuter er a thousand thousand times more, but he- speshul la. is prince, is ridiculously and inexplicably in love with annoying plebeian girl, always looks confused and distressed, is prince, is infinitely patient and INFINITELY TOLERANT, is prince, is prince. how to beat, HOW. cannot one, kthxbye


5 Commentaires

  1. su

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha ha

  2. vicky

    hahaa anyway i realised that liang zhu ge ge is the only taiwanese/chinese? drama i watched from the beginning till the end. i think, except maybe meteor garden. lol

  3. jing

    huh, vicky, isn’t it huan zhu ge ge??or is there another ge ge?? It was my favourite. I think I quit Japanese class because my class ended at 6 in BISHAN and the show started at 7. Bravo bravo bravo. Haha SIIII your entry is damn funny!!!esp how yongqi is PRINCE. I tell you a secret arh, I became quite proud of my ignorance and ditziness and blurness after watching this. YongQi, is prince, likes this kind of girl MA.

  4. mag

    never change lehh! seriously. but YONGQI IS DREAM GUY LOR. DREAM GUY! lol.

  5. thebeaumonde

    haha yes omg i totally spelt it wrongly HAHA

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