you were such a pyt

sweet stuff. this is karl lagerfeld for barbies 50th, on display now in colette paris. i am still miffed that colette wasnt in my 5 months paris itinerary, and is it just me or is ken very hot♥ he used to look like toddwilkins but hes really grown into a real brucepatman stud now zz

ooh, this is out of nowhere i swearrr, but im remembering this noodle place at the top level of causewaypoint long long ago. udon and ramen and cheap prices for students. i used to go there after going to the bigass library opposite the shoppingcentre, in secondaryschool when i would study there from the morning and my mum would come find me late afternoon for lunch then we would go seiyu/coldstorage and hang around waiting for my dad to come pick us up then we’d all head back together. its always these odd little snippets at odd little places (that place was a hole in the wall, the food wasnt even good) which- i dont know what they evoke actually, maybe just something vague (if anything at all) between sadness and happiness


6 Commentaires

  1. a

    ken in the grey suit is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. a


  3. flums

    TODDWILKINS! hahah is he from sweet valley or nancy drew?

  4. si

    sweetvalley ! hahahahahaa
    nancydrew where got boys one. only got girls snooping around trying to solve crimes, cheeee

  5. ticky

    i don remember bruce patman haha but i remember todd wilkins the boy-next-door-trying-to-be-a-snag who seems like a half geek half sensitive jock kind of guy i might like hoho
    and yea ken is hot , he looks like hes almost real

  6. si

    hahaha he is real leh, some baptiste giabiconi, donno why his name like that

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