c’était salement romantique

i can hardly begin to describe how gratifying it was to break out of the evil consumerist’s lifestyle of  shopping, movie-watching, and Good Food at Nice Places. when we first got to the girl on the swing (or some equally ludicrous title for a garden sculpture), the setting sun was breathtaking, absolutely brillianttt. we couldve sunbathed if we had the time to (if we werent flapping around with our camera-laden hands trying to capture the last of the rays). and inbetween sprite-lemon-beer, chicken pitas and carrs with pate, night fell and made way for more clandestine activities. those which’re making me miss yesterday night already, despite it being indirectly and tragically the reason why i had to end up compressing 3 months of a single module into 7 hours of Mad Cramming-

to spin around like a broken helicopter to the beats from the speakers, to have your bare feet on the damp grass, to feel bugs on your sticky bare limbs, to make sure not to step onto the paper lanterns illuminating whats left of the night – everyone has to do those before they take their last breath. its a feeling so amazing; that of oxygen filling up your lungs in an excessive way, so you get all lightheaded, literally spiralling your way out of control. the smell of grass warms my heart alot. right now my brains all filled with pretty little things like bicycles on a big green field, garden parties, wicker baskets, apple-shaped bags, sun sun sun, and big straw hats. i used to think there should be reason for celebration but im definitely thinking otherwise now. i wish i can drop out of school and lie on the grass full-time. if my dad is reading this he will flog me for playing so much because its making me all distracted from school and not « behaving like a student ». but really, ever since aug08, i dont think id ever been so happy being a non-student before


3 Commentaires

  1. Yux


    you know which song i’m thinking about. hahahaha.


    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii si !

  3. si

    haahah stupid eillep, cannot disappear five months then occasionally hi me here one, you playing hard to get is it

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