leave the bourbon on the shelf

i need a new grater, for sure. if the birthdaygirl sees the grater i used to shred the one and half cups of carrot for the ten cuppycakes (five lined and useful, five unlined disintegrated useless and for the old man’s breakfast tomorrow), she will realise i risked my fingers and sanity to celebrate the 22nd year of her existence

would like to swim; i hate it when the sky LOOMS. the whole of today i was hiding at home being upset with the sky so pregnant with rain and thinking, can you just rain so i can go out and buy my flour already ! in the end it never rained so i braved the humidity to get across the street and buy all which i needed

i also need a couch to finish up my room, and the aircon to be fixed so i wont have to camp in my brothers room anymore. i saw a really gorgeous (dining)chair at salv army the other day, but stately looking and would not allow me to melt into it, so i still need one

check this out, newyork is a city filled with cool people. little stories which made my day


i write the love letters you never got, the ones you never sent. and I’ll throw these words out there like confetti at the wedding you and i never had


3 Commentaires

  1. Yux

    last line damn sad, aiyo. but funny also. am i sadistic?

    where are cuppycake pictures? you cheat me, if i had known i wouldn’t have clicked to read more!

    and new york, is well, new york. in a good way!

  2. ticky

    really like the last line, and i totally can imagine myself singing it – im just that kind of person -.-
    i cant even begin to describe how i feel about new york (a place where i’ve never been to or know much about, but never mind) – omg i am so psyched about going!

  3. si

    hahahaha yea i have mixed feelings about the last time, like everytime i read it i cannot decide if its romantic or cheesy
    i think i just like the idea of throwing words like confetti
    i would like to throw words like confetti for my wedding too(:
    and zz newyorkkk i cant believe you doctor doctor also got chance to go newyork haii. bring back some trippy stories and interesting characters please !

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