grease lightning


fridaydinners started out as a whim i think, because we needed to meet up alot before chongs leave for london to pre-empt lost time, because it was sometimes hard to agree on a single day for dinners, because we liked mosburger and ichiban a whole lot and actually didnt mind eating at those two places in a somewhat alternate fashion for almost a whole year. some other times dinner would be at su’s or mel’s, hotplates/steamboats for Specials like birthays or newyears. before i knew it i was setting aside friday evenings for dinners with the miss neuche (then known as myLovelys), and these dinners could only be skipped in occasions like birthdays or familydinners or er school events. « fridaydinner » became a reason why i couldnt meet other people for dinner, or a reason to leave meetings early. even my dad, normally slow on the receiving end of my habits, had been conditioned to assume that fridays mean late nights out catching up with su yin, melanie, jeanette and chong lin.

its like fridaydinners are the physical manifestations of our constancy. i find it sweet that we always manage to find time for fridaydinners, and they mark the end of the week, start of the weekend .. essentially All Things Good. i like that i can eat my sashimi and catch up with this most familiar bunch of people, drink mosburger imt and mope about shits which happened during the course of the week, or perch on the edge of my seat and plan the next fridaydinner place in the greediest fashion.

last night when i laid on my bed right before i drifted off to sleep my brain was filled with happy thoughts about the clarkequay field, fridaydinners (albeit it being a thursday), good food and miss neuche, but i was too tired to write it all down. now im awake, but i feel like half of what i meant to write had slipped somewhere into the fissures of my brain,

well just, im very thankful for fridaydinners, and should we stop having them one day i may take a long time to stop missing them.


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  1. Yux

    ((: sighhh, i love this entry.

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