work in progress



am in the midst of a room overhaul, wish me luck


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  1. flum

    so exciting ! i want a purple roo… ahha
    good luck! 🙂

  2. si

    i want to write something on my too-barren wall ! what should i write

  3. Yux

    yay! my pink balloon has shimmery light on it! hahha. oh your curtains look pretty, please invite me to your room when you’re done. will bring open room gifts for you:) I MISS SIHUI LI.

  4. mag


  5. flum

    ehhh u can write some nice french quote? hahaha

  6. ticky

    all the best! i cannot wait to see your room (please invite me for room-warming thanks) you’re my second friend who’s having a room make-over!
    ooh anyway another friend of mine wrote her favourite quotes & poems on the walls in her room its dark blue walls with gold coloured words! really really nice (: wish i was knowledgeable about such things to do that also hahaa

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