caresse sur l’ocean

the other night at mels, after our reunion dinner/steamboat, we watched les choristes. it couldve been the ninetyseventh time ive watched this movie but i swear everytime i am captivated and jean baptiste maunier never, NEVER fails to send chills down my spine. EVERYTIME, DAHT BAI. do yourself a favour, watch les choristes by hook or by crook, or just watch this,

im going to watch and rewatch the video. happy chinesenewyear !


3 Commentaires

  1. Yux

    i have the freakin cd, hun! u want?

  2. flummy

    omg i rmb watching this in the RT room with u and the weird english teacher with long hair. REMEMBER ANOT !! hahahhahaha

  3. si

    TEACHER WITH GREASY LOCKS SOUNDS LIKE SNAPE; hahaha but yes i remember him zomg whats his ame again ! i know he abit freaky one, did he stay longg ??

    and yucksy, i laid my hands on the soundtrack alreadyyy, thanks anyhow ! does jeanbaptistemaunier not blow you away ! i cannot stop youtubing him, it is worrying.

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