the boys didnt like redcliff, said it was technically unsound and that plot was awfully weak, not to mention its historical inaccuracy (that coming from chinesehighboys who read the hardcore chinese novels so im not going to doubt them) but i must say i Really Liked It ! like after every good flick, i needed time aplenty to ruminate after leaving the cinema, but even with the boys thrashing it beside me i kept going through select scenes in my head. the cinematics blew, and minus the few cheesy scenes, this is one blockbuster which i wouldnt mind watching and rewatching whenever i feel like the mood for a feel-gooder, just because it straddles the line between thoughtful and crowd-pleasing. 

i hate linzhiling/xiaoqiao and have a shameless fondness towards sunquan, zhaozilong and that japanese guy- ganxing, i think his name was.  it also felt as if xiaoyanzi was in the show so i really missed yongqi.


6 Commentaires

  1. flummy

    i liked the show too! 🙂

  2. chongs

    are you talking about chi bi or its sequel?? wasn’t chi bi (first part of the trilogy) released ages ago

  3. Yux

    i wanted to cry at many parts but i was afraid my mascara will run. i think mascara makes crybabies grow up. anyway! there were plenty of scenes i liked. like the tang yuan one and the one where xiaoqiao empties the tea for the villian etc etc.

  4. thebeaumonde

    hahaha i reallly really liked red cliff! (: i think i want to go for the marathon movie! (: even though yes it was historically inaccurate & the last part was really quite cheesy but it wouldnt have been that dramatic if not for xiaoqiao’s role!
    i liked almost every scene gosh (do i sound like the teenage girls who gush at the Edward whats-his-name in Twilight)

  5. vicky

    i hate my username. why did i put that user name. why, why.

  6. si

    chibi two, chongs ! and aiyaa typing chibi always reminds me of sailormoon, DOES IT NOT ??
    and hahaha ticky ! yay to the undiscerning who loves redcliff ! heart will warm warm then alot of emotions one right hahaha aiya movie no need accurate one la moving can already. boys are such shitheads,

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