a whole 12 hours and abit more of commuting and travelling- train bus plane bus train- and we’re finally in londresss. but i dont feel it yet, and im not sure if the fatigue is getting into me but im getting immensely tired of travelling. i loved revisiting rome, especially during christmas, with some of the best people, and i love that miss neuche is together in a part of the world not singapore, but i think right now, scarily, i really want to burrow a hole somewhere and hibernate for a good few days, alone and away.

its 03h00 and the rest are tucked tight and warm under chongs’ comforter and we’ll possibly be out in the streets in search of a good english breakfast in 6 hours or so, but im just relishing in the familiarity of having computer access and being excessive on randomnation, like deviantart, again. indian food for dinner just now made me miss home. 

i know i am going to miss paris so much, but right now it did not make sense that i travelled 12 hours to get from one unfamiliar place to another, when i just want to jet back home.


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  1. Yux

    i should be facebooking you but since im on a blog reading spree why not! i just passed your bro the cam and he was damn funny- complaining about you not looking after your belongings. haha:) i think i miss you already its weird. i hope paris before 6th makes you happy and also your new year’s in ireland! ZOMG. then back to sg where its ytf and canteen food and subways and cedele huh. oh and i tried my laduree macarons and is it my blocked nose or does it taste cloyingly sweet! sigh.

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