do the boogie woogie dance


on chongs’ 21st proper we did a homely birthday thing, in our apartment tucked away in a too-obscure (chongs and mel would agree) corner of paris. we bought wine off the grocer’s shelves, poulet roti and baguette and cheese, mache and jambon secs, and pierre herme cake and macarons (chongs you luckythanggg) and candles from the hot pierreherme guy. we exhausted our supply of zaim’s emergency tealights in the dimlylit room, then afew of the 21 misnomered balloons were unfortunately licked by the flames. i remembered we sat in a circle around the food on the floor, the sofabed folded up to make room for all 6 of us, the space the laundry rack usually stands.

i will remember for a long time the sweet booze, the cloying intoxication, the laziness of the evening in the company of my favourite favourite people (PLUS MINUS AFEW WHO COULDNT MAKE IT IN TIME) at my favourite favourite part in the world. i am so glad we didnt do a dinner thing out, or really anything adventurous at all, because it wouldve made the night alittle less special.

so happy 21st love, youre so very special and the single best thing which came out of library zomg hahahaa I LOVE YOU SOO MUCHHH, and i hope you had a good time that night too♥


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  1. chongs

    wah and I’m only seeing this now! hahaha my bad. oh me EFFING (hahahaloveit) god haven’t had bloody internet in my room since sunday I think you left in good time siiii! love you la, come back to europe soon ❤

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