the fall

okay i realised these videos are strictly for myself and my current insane lee pace obsession. for two hours i drew the curtains (its so dark anyhow, and rainy, so theres really nothing to do except watch movies), switched off all the lights, laid on the sofa(bed) and watched this in true couch potato fashion. definitely good- so different from miss pettigrew i watched last night, this one is artsier surely, with amazing visuals/animations and i dont know, does the girl mean to talk the way she did ?, the exchanges between roy and alexandria were priceless. but i got lost abit inbetween the shuffling of fact and fiction, so wikiing after was good, at least i know the ending for sure now.


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    hello si ! haha two more papers to go !): how are youu! its a month and 7 more days to seee youuu! GET UP FROM YOUR COUCH AND CATCH EVERY SPECK OF PARIS LAH.

  2. si

    too fastttt tooo faassssttt
    a month and alittle bit more onlyyyyy)))))):

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