marie antoinette

the storyline didnt blow me away, in fact i suspect wikiing « marie antoinette » after that actually did a better job at enthralling me, but everything else was basically a sensational feast. the clothes, the setting (the SETTING THE SETTING ! im dying to visit versailles now) the food, the colours (i loved even the pokerchips and the roulette because they were in such girly shades), i couldnt tear my eyes off the screen. just like its titular protagonist, an excessive experience whichs really refreshing because this sensory overload was so accessible it was perfect for a weekend wind-down. i loved the macaron mountains, the decadent strawberry cream cakes, the lux brocade, the whiteblond heads of hair, the pastel pannier dresses mmhmm i want to be marie antoinette for just oneeee day.


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