some had crumbled you (straight to your knees)

everytime, everytime i walk around paris at dusk the beauty overwhelms me in ways which makes me kick myself because i know i cannot capture it on film or words. really, « beauty » is inadequate because « beauty » is a term so hackneyed and banal it describes well say, a dress i covet or a movie scene which made me cry, but paris, particularly when bathed in that brilliant orangey hue, is just so much more than that. i cannot put into words how the city springs to life when the sun sets; maybe its the almost-barren trees or the wide walkways along the seine or the old french men in tweed suits- but everything always works magic together, and there’ll be chemistry in the air which will excite you and make you explode from within.

when it is time to go back to singapore i will hold paris in my arms and weep.


4 Commentaires

  1. Yux

    loving your new clean layout:) why duncha write in elljay then we can have better cross-blog convos! anyway your writing makes me wanna go there now! YOU KNOW WHY cos exam-period sg IS KILLING ME. everyday rain rain rain wahlaoos.

  2. sii

    whats cross-blog convos. dont act cheem horh hahahaha is it just, me commenting on your elljay and you commenting on mine then can click the username and go to my/your elljay.
    ohh i cant wait for you guys to come leh, i planned a day for us already. a day which includes sleeping in and paris at dusk hahahaha COME QUICK COME QUICKKKK.

  3. thebeaumonde

    wow (: but i think i understand a little of what you mean – i was only there for 4 days 2 years ago – but i really loved being in Paris & walking everywhere (we walked at least 5-6km a day while sightseeing haha!)

  4. sii

    paris is so walkable sigh
    ticksssssss omg paris is so, GOOD

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