reckoner, you cant take it with you

paul is a translator who is acquainted with french, english and german. he is funny. when he speaks he does so quietly and and in a most collected manner. truly he has the most peculiar way of speaking which makes his speech melodius. he plays the piano and has the amazing ability to identify every piece played by radio classique. he owns a collection of vinyl records but he hasnt listened to them for 15 years, he is waiting for a recordplayer. he has long scraggly hair in a ponytail. he is also about 50 years old, has an indian girlfriend and lives in paris (his apartment has a waterlogged roof). su and i are deeply in love with him.

when i grow up i will have my friends over for dinner and/or lunch dates. i will cook with my kellygreen crockery, and have proper placemets and napkins. we will also drink sherry before the meal and have a slice of tarte des pommes with cremefraiche after, and then that lovely japanese roasted rice-infused greentea. we will talk and laugh alot during the meal and the whole thing will last 5 hours. the dining area will be glowing warmly with candles. i will also be a translator((:


4 Commentaires

  1. su

    tu poseur beaucoup.

  2. flum

    you think bo’s children will mess up ur kitchen n leave foodcrumbs all over? 🙂 just a thought!

  3. sii

    if bo marries bevin, maybe they wont cos bevin looks like er a very fierce father sial

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