il pleut

im paying 200euros+ for a non-trip
i should have had my fill of seafood in nice now,
and visited monaco
my laptop just crashed (for real, this time)
im 5 hours way from a presentation, which slides i lost due to my inapt laptop and consequently i think my group did not send the slides to the prof as supposed to because I WAS SUPPOSED TO SEND THE SLIDES
and i cannot find a laptop service place on the internet for some obscure reason, and will have to skip class to lug my dumbass laptop around looking for help tomorrow
i just ate 2 kinderbuenos, 1 macaron, and 1 wangwang because i was so upset

and yet The Thought that im in paris is still kinda strong enough to supersede the kneehigh shit im in. i must be off the rockers, or had just given up on life entirely.


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  1. choymunfye


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