we walk, we walk

facebook is sneakily insidious and making me lazy to blog. photos go there and status updates speaks volumes of my states of being at moments and there are these five million applications that excite the geekfreak in me. ey actually maybe only photoalbums and status updates and the wall and most recently, the little scribble box right below the profile pic which suffices itches to quote, itches not extensive enough to translate into proper blogposts. and amazingly a grand total of 3 (albeit very staunch and principled) friends who abhorred the thought of social networking sites recently jumped onto the facebook bandwagon as well omg mark zuckerberg must be a wizard.

london over the weekend was wicked to say the least, veryyy chill very slow very nice. no rushing to hackneyed touristy sights in the chilly air (we took it easy), HYDE PARKKK and harrods, Mishap (a singular and particularly traumatic one) and secrets, plenty of sainsbury and sleep-time((: we caught les mis, thereafter i may not be able to watch two-dimensional moving pictures in cinemas ever againnn. what can beat real singing choir and awesome costumes and VERY CLEVER SETS and an orchestra and a living breathing conductor ! i am looking forward to the next londontrip. this time with more moniesss, more time/mood to shop, and im so bringing back three boxes of the raspberryfilled doughnuts. (chongss we toasted them with your toaster and theyre sooo good crusty outside, i cannot get enough of them hahaha but we just finished the last five): ) i also would like to have more stomachs with me next i go to london so we can properly conquer boroughmarket.

shitty are the bus-times in the cramped seats but thankgoodness i had my george and izzy and callie and meredith and christinayang to tide me through the worst. nothing really beats my ipod and long long busrides, there is something very cheesy but veryyy therapeutic about bus rides and lifehouse/ coldplay/ jaychou marathons. there are cows and horses right beyond the window, tiny specks of farm creatures, and then you drift in and out of sleepyness and theres yellow light through the yellow bus curtains cos we travelled in the day. i loathe the custom checks which disrupt the banality of the busride.

the broken clock is a comfort, it helps me sleep tonight
maybe it can stop tomorrow from stealing all my time
i am here still waiting though i still have my doubts
i am damaged at best, like you’ve already figured out

lifehouse is going to be at stjames october-something, the entrance fee a meagre 70sgd. for the first time really since i left: WHY AM I NOT IN SINGAPORE !

i am going through a lifehouse phase. (concurrently with my chicken phase. and nutella, muesli and toast-and-jam phases. oh my.)


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