my sweet old etcetera

today was awesome because

1. we started out lunch not really knowing what we’re cooking but i guess one cant go wrong with linguine and mushrooms and onions and butter and garlic (i would say omelette but we kinda went wrong there hahaha sooo) and in the end we were eating the oddly stirfried pasta right off the stove yumm

2. we started out later than we intended to cos we were cleaning up the apartment all, and yea i guess i was abit callous with my wallet and ended up spending a bomb BUT i got my retail therapy fix ! h&m and bershka ftw

3. the falafel place su found yesterday did not disappoint. finally, some warm food in the chillyness ! the aubergine slices are soo to-die-for and even though the queue was too long for us to get a seat in the end i guess it was still kinda nice sitting by the sidewalks digging into the piping-hot pockets of goodness/es !

4. sitting under a big tree, amidst noisy crowds guzzling beer and making merry and talking, facing the seine, streetlights starlights dancing off the river surface, listening to jaychou on the pod, a can of coke for each of us (light for me, original for the purist), chilly up my cardigan- these bits which my ixus cannot capture but which i would love to remember because i know i would miss them



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