so if you must falter be wise

ive never been away from here for so long ! i think its two weeks and counting, blame it on my lazyness to bring my notebook a-fixing. it lies snug in the sleeve on my desk doing nothing. every morning i wish it will grow legs, walk to harveynorman and send itself for repairing cos omg i am national champion in procrastination.

the s/portscamp burden had been relieved, finally. amazingly the last stretch was- alright. i thought myself to be scurrying back and forth everywhere but turned out i bummed around indoors, in the clubroom so manytimes im ashamed to admit that i slept my fill during the camp. im possibly the only person who can go for a camp and end up having macs and ghim moh for breakfast/ lunch on two separate occasions. and then there’re all the other miscellaneous episodes which will in time to come displace the actual camp activities (think zovball and banana boat and scorching sun and beach shenanigans) and define what s/portscamp08 was as a memory.

i wish aug20 to fastly come. i think im tired.


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