quel méchant, méchant monstre

theyve desecralized my babysittersclub ! i was recently in popular for like the first time in many months and saw this awful new version ! a « graphic novel » they call it, and a ridiculous $17+, or i wouldve bought it really, just to see what the hell it is. now it looks like a storybook written by singaporean authors i.e. characters with names like sam seng and fat simone): and claudia has a pink streak in her hair ! the conservative kishis will never let claudia don a ridiculous neon handful of hair- and what, claudia lynn kishi will never wear a yellow tank and brown pedal pushers and striped scarf and socks with chucks ! where be the wild papier-mache palm tree necklaces, maroon leggings, ballet slippers, an oversized yellow shirt and belt woven by six different types of fabric and decorated with ceramic beads ? and WHY is the skin brown, why. staceyys not all Big Apple Sophisticated like shes supposed to beeee (and she looks like she has a tummy omg shes a diabetic not a glut !). and is it just me or does maryanne look more asian than claudia ? kristys alright, but what can go wrong with sweatshirts and jeans anyhow. im disappointed in you, Graphic Novelist ! and youu, ann m martin, for allowing this to happen.

slash sad. im going to sniff and rub my face against my old library-smelling babysitters paperbacks for comfort.


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  1. chongs

    I think I might be equally mortified ):
    eh have you heard of the film 21?? go watch!
    its the same (cute) guy as the one in Across the Universe! and its damn cool lets go Vegas and count cards (not gamble, mind you)!!

    oh and when I go home, please can we go bowling? z and I went today and I improved by leaps and bounds from a noob to someone who had TWO strikes in a row and I kicked his ass!! hahahaha so fun lets go lets go (:

    I am jumping everywhere. we’re going to HK in july right? and I’m coming home in a week! WILL CALL (: xoxoxoxxo

  2. Yux

    OMG what is wrong with these people!!! the girls from bsc look like smurfs in disguise! this is very very wrong. but i still think the new strawberry shortcake looks much better (okay less cute, more teenager-appealing).

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