a supreme being of leisure

having free-times aplenty was more exciting in my head. all i did in the end was MANY MANY facebook-snooping, which extended to friendster-snooping (good old friendster ! when no one bothered to lock their profiles and practically practically everyone has a free-for-all profile page with), which then extended to people-slamming and bitching and aiyo, what a day ! and the best thing is it all happened inside my head hahaha ayee the self-sufficiency is astounding !

and, this whole s/portscamp thing ! takes up Too Much Time and many-times i think i dont know if im being derisive or judgemental or should i really just slow down and chill and just be a not-yet-21-year-old. AYE whatever, get me out of here already. (speaking of which i think im too much in non-s/portsclub existence already im irresponsibly ditching all my duties and being negligent and really just living out my existence here in mother-land. i think, i give back my full colours award la hahahaa.)

oh i miss Friday Dinners with Full Attendances. i also miss Tuesday Lunches and Late-Night Study Sessions; i will miss subway, large fries, ytf and munchymonkeys; movies and such; cha yuan, mos and ahballings. maybe even the sun, and my dirty bed and blanket. i feel all grown-up trying to figure out my own accommodation for paris. i hate pining, waiting and mindgames. im craving so badly cedele blueberry pancakes/ macs hotcakes but no ones around to have them with me cos everyones making moneyyys. WHINNEEE !

semi-colons are my favourite punctuations, calibri is my favourite font.


2 Commentaires

  1. chongs

    I miss YOU! and fridaydinners. and now everyone seems MIA on fb which means I actually have to make a huger more concerted effort at keeping in touch..! 😦 THANKFULLY I am coming your way in less than 2 weeks!! friday dinners and cha yuan then!! and kbox and everything else I can think of!! love you sihui87 😀 xoxoxoxo!

  2. si

    hurry up come back leh): i miss you like mad.

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