fixing a hole

working has been abit of a shitsperience, cos im really not one for supervision and eagle eyes and chores and having to be pretend to be busy at all times when really all i want to do is to melt into my chair or do wordsearch forever. but then theres the msn, and i really like to sit at my table and spy with my little eye the people in the office. its wonderfully different from reliefteaching, very nice to see people slap on smiles and make cold calls, bosses upping morales using the stupidest ways, and just TRYING SO HARDDDD. ey how la, i really dont want to be IN these things. its different as a tempstaff, definitely, cos youre not working towards anything but the end of your term; but the rest are working for commission and rewards and acknowledgement. veryyy disturbing !

we should all live in our own caves (or islands). WHY MUST WORK ONE.


2 Commentaires

  1. thebeaumonde

    you work so you can spend your money the next time we meet haha! (: PLEASE lets meet up soon after 2nd June!! theres so much shopping to be done!!

  2. sii

    after 5th june okay ! haha after sportscamp i’ll be a free spirit.

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