oh, it was a funny little thing


dinners and town-trips and window-shopping all. things id been doing since sec2 really, but the companys been oh-so-good; and this time id been doing all the airyfairy thingums toooo like nighttime botanic gardens picnics and yelling sessions at kbox (hahaha, surprise surprise la) and really, discounting the fact that ive to moneywhore cos of paris (PARIS PARIS PARIS !!)– AHH CANNOT WAIT CANNOT WAITTT hahahaahahaa i get so lightheaded just thinking about exchange.

cannot wait to leave alot of things behind, to breathe new air and hang out with lye su yin 24/7 and eat baguettes and be poor and freeze to death on les rues parisiennes and i dont know, i think most of the time all i really want to do is to take off. not that singapore isnt great, but paris is going to be so awesome. i know this is probably SUPER TABOO and i shouldnt be jeopardizing by having such rocket-high expectations, but AIYA DONT CARE I KNOW PARIS IS GOING TO ROCK MY SOCKS

haha ohh im highhh(:

as far as I can see
all time and circuitry
is wrong
as far as poetry
ait down and sing to me
a song
its all
i want in this world
all I want in this world
is for you to come home
a spell a rebel yell


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