about all the little things, or anything at all

oh i dreamt about mantous and marshmallows. mantous (seven to be exact) which i microwaved but they came out looking gorgeously deepfried, you know like the kind you eat with your chillicrabs. and there was also this plate of marshmallow-fluffesque thing which i ate with the mantous and yumm it was delish in my dreams. hahaha but then IN MY DREAMS i felt so incredibly guilty cos i polished off all seven, lavishly topped with the marshmallow-fluffesque thing. then i woke up and was very grateful that i only ate those in my dreams cos then, calories not counted.

but now, NOW IM DYING TO BAKE THESE S’MORES BARS. on hindsight the dream mustve been a remnant of the jimmykimmel clip i was youtubing right before !



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  1. vicky

    you know this is the second time i’ve tried leaving a comment and forgot to leave my email so by the time i refresh the page everything i typed is gone =\
    oh anyway babe cannot feel guilty when you eat in your dreams one! (:

  2. sii

    hahahaha you know how when youre in a dream it doesnt feel so ! but anyhow i just steamed some mantous (wicked on a hot sunday) and ive already downed two so it seems the Seven Mantous Nightmare isnt too far off, albeit without the marshmallow-fluff.

  3. vicky

    anyway im with you about the weather. it makes me cranky & makes me not care that im behaving crankily.

  4. Yux

    please bake me some smores. i think they’re easy to make right? some graham crackers and you like sandwich marshmallows and melted choc in between. oh well… I LOVE MARSHMALLOWS! and then hor i recently consumed almost a whole tub of ben and jerry’s smores flavour (over couple of days of course). so yeah i had like your dream come true, sans mantous but all the calories counted.

  5. sii

    after finals i’ll make you enough smores bars to last you a lifetime, PROMISE(:

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