a mad and faithful telling

im not big on songs like this, but this one kicks some ass.

you better mean what you say.
why dont you say what you mean?
i never get anywhere,
i get the space in-between.
beautifully mutilated,
insanely antiquated,
i will admit i almost
always underestimate it

(omg home is horrible i havent been away from my notebook since i woke up at 12. so er, finals how ah): )


4 Commentaires

  1. vah

    you’re trying to up your street cred right, don’t lie.

  2. si


  3. Yux

    hahaha. sii your above comment cracked me up. you no white trash. u chingchong biatch!

    i so suck at ghetto lingo, or whatever.

    anyway, that david horvitz work is kinda cute! reminds me of guerilla art!

    and i wanna tell you that i’ve totally wasted today by watching mobtv cheena serials and antm cycle 10 and surfin the net and finding things to blog about. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. BUT WE WILL ACE THE FINALS. YES WE WILL.

  4. si

    wahlau yux your cashmere mafia sucks like shite hahaha lousy spoof of satc.

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