there now, steady love, so few come and dont go

FRANCOPHILES FTW la♥ definitely way too easy to forget that this break was intended for catching up on readings (not friends), so ideally it should regular sleep, proper study hours, good discipline, and i was hoping also a fresh bright start to dieting. but ah, yesterday was nuit blanche at fortcanning (awkward-esque immediately but a turn for the better later !), dynasty till 2something, prata and macs. then today a deep long sleep till 4pm, and ruffles and banana nut crunch and nutella and more sleep. now 7am and zomg what am i doing online again ?

today- today i will finish up all the things pending, s/portsclub thingums all. and my coursepacks. and i will be productive this week. meanwhile, things had been really lovely(: hate to be mundane, but really recently, not much time and effort to think deep long or hard hahaha hence the banality. so many things to be grateful for sometimes, it feels un-right if i should still nitpick and grump about things i cannot get over; so there, im a little tipsy on sleep excess !


5 Commentaires

  1. vicky

    the myraid of colours look so good together!

  2. Yux

    told you the dress is fab! (p.s. love vanessa’s shoes too!) miss mag and youuuuuu.

  3. sii

    hhaha no lo yucksy the dress made me look obese !

  4. mag

    i love your dress!!!!
    HELLO YUX! 🙂

  5. si

    awthanks (yux must be smug now). i miss you maggie !

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