but i, i can feel this narcolepsy slide

omg i suddenly remembered my dream -wildly disturbing and very disgusting really ! so i was on my way to some performance and i didnt have my suona (apparently, its under my studydesk; my brain works in fantastical ways) but its okay cos the people said theyll have a suona ready for me so i was like okay but omg i dont have my shaozi ! so then i had to go all the way back home to dig for my shaozi/s and i realised theyre all broken. tragic states theyre in -split down the sides and mysteriously disfigured. and i found both and theyre both unusable and then now how now how

then inconclusive lo. hahaha dreams are always weird like that. i dont know where stemmed this remembrance of my suona days, and the jittery shaozi paranoia, them both scary and beautiful. i miss the familiarity of small groups and sessions and the people and just self-enclosure i guess hahaha we’re pretty self-sufficient werent we !(:

and right now right now im trying to get started on this termpaper due less than 24 hours from now and haiya im perpetually stuck on the readings part and not yet synthesis not yet either a draft and i just knoww tonights gonna be a longlong night ayee what is this lisihui whattt is this !


2 Commentaires

  1. nette

    siiiii haha what a dream! and u guys tell me tt im e only one who dreams abt my shaozi spoiling. nw we knw im nt hahaha.

    all e best for ur term paper dear! u can do it =)

    i was looking thru e pictures in my phone yest (yes, v random i know), and i miss u guys so~

  2. sii

    sigh i knoww. suonism ! the best bits of my jaysee life and i really want to pick up suona again ! ey we go join some community centre orchestra want not want nott !

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