stop crying your heart out

today had all the potential to a normal, if not Pretty Good Day. i had ban mian, a chocolate waffle, we did something on adobe i dont dislike, i did a long overdue impulse purchase, and when i got home the laundry was folded so thats like wow cos my clothes been piled up there for the longest time.

but despite what id written yesterday i think still, that alot of things go into what makes or breaks your day. and can also turn all Good Things sour. AIYA A WASTED DAY. i dont know why im so frustrated with everything now, everyone and hell, just EVERYTHING. and the worst worst thing when youre feeling so, is that you know damn well youve no good reason to be. so the problem lies with YOU and so YOU go pick up the pieces and get a grip please, lisihui. get over yourself.


3 Commentaires

  1. Yux

    this calls for a ginormous icecream sundae babe.

  2. Yux

    oh and i wish i have an icon/pic beside my name when i comment. it’s kinda sad/empty/freaky/ghostly when it’s just (SPACE) beside yux said.

  3. sii

    i needed a chocolate bath i think. but thing is, needED. im a-okay now(: thanks sweets i love you ginormously !

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