youre the other side of the world (to me)




hongkong, 23rd to 27th march. like i was telling felicia on the way back from the airport, it sure felt like a long-drawn school day. like 5 tuesday lunches, 5 yih dinners, 5 clubroom stayovers all mushed up into one. a potpourri of characters, some constant juggling and eventual giving-up; but then theres the good streetfood, Very Hongkong nightlights, the freezing nightair- characteristically, everything happens at night over There.

i really liked being there, minus maybe the jostling and pricey transport. but hell, i could do with a city which sleeps as late as me. some city which freezes over at night, bowls of fishballs with currysauce just round the corner, bumpy siu-ba rides, xuliushan and krispykremes! and h&m, squeezy everything (like stalls and corridors and hotel toilets), cantonese in rapidfire, feeling/being alive at night.

ey someone bring me back please. back to xuliushan contemplating whether to be raped or to be old men with booze and goose, back to endless endless pointless talks in mtr tunnels, back to nightair and nightlife !


4 Commentaires

  1. thebeaumonde

    i cant believe you went hongkong. i still cant believe it. while i was mugging my ass off(though with lots of Grey’s to keep me company) in school

  2. sii

    believe it la, i got passport stamp to verify(;

  3. felicia

    and u’re back!

  4. chongs

    I love that you love HK too, almost as much as I do…;) si! I tried calling you earlier, TWO MISSED CALLS. why never pick up? 😦

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